Developing a collaborative learning community

At our staff meeting this afternoon we continued to explore the facets that make up a Professional Learning Community. We had previously looked at having a" Shared mission, vision and values" an developed our five values and what they mean to us and what they would look like and wouldn't look like. We openly discussed what a 'Collaborative Team' is. This was hard as I assisted the staff to develop those 'I statements' when a staff member was not acting in a positive manner or had let the team down.
Today we researched 'Collective Inquiry' and why this is important for us. Some of our staff said that this was vital as without it our school would not work. We will continue to work on 'Action orientation and experimentation', 'Continuous improvement' and 'Results orientation'. This work comes from Eskar/Dufour - Getting Started: Recapturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities.

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