Our learning space

                             Reflecting on how our space looks.
Our learning space is a great place to be.
There are many parts to our space where we can learn.
We have the flexibility to have students work on the floor, at tables and they choose where they work.
 Yes, even in a Prep grade.
We do not have names on tables - they choose where they sit and work. Teachers who enter our space wonder how this works. After our introduction the children just sort themselves out and if there is no space left at the tables they work on the floor, some choose to work on the floor at the start. We have not had to move anybody for poor choices or lack of work habits.

Our planning is working well. We have two teachers, one from each end of our double learning space, doing the maths planning and that means the timetable, the actual planning documents for the week, all the resources are collected and made ready to go - down to dice, counters and everything! One teacher takes the lead in the delivery of this program from each end and allocates groups, they introduce the focus and learning intention and success criteria for assessment gathering. The second teacher takes a group and gives feedback. The other two teachers do the same for the English planning. 

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