Happy Earth Day

Today we need to stop and take stock of what our footprint is. What is our impact on our planet? What can we do better to take care of our planet as we really are the caretakers for the next generation and beyond.
I often think about my grandparents' generation and how they ate much less complicated food, did not have all the 'stuff' we seem to think we need and even though they were extremely busy people and worked incredibly hard , they always had time for family and their life seemed to be much less hectic.
There was less need to recycle - they took string bags shopping, there was less packaging on things. Plastic bags - well I could just imagine what they would say!
Today I do not have a unit of work - all I will do is brainstorm the old fashioned way the following things
1.  What do we already do to reduce our impact on the planet?
2. How we could reduce our rubbish further?
3. Who or what do we need to do to make this happen?
At school we already put food scraps in a bucket, put paper in a special bin, plastics in another. Even our ink cartridges are sent for recycling.

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