Down on the farm

My students have been working on farm animals and getting to know what farm animals do for us.
Here are some pictures of my grade using some of the tasks in my 'Down on the Farm' pack.
This work allows for differentiation and different groups can have a different focus.
Here are two children matching baby animals to their mums - as well as matching names of animals.
This Venn Diagram is comparing a pig to a sheep. The fun part was listening to them decide where to put pieces of information.

This task asks the student to place information/facts around the animal.

I have placed a series of cards in the pack - where depending on the animal the task is slightly different. So this pig one has - words hat start with 'p', words that rhyme with pig and words that end in 'g'. They loved writing on them in markers.
This task is about four animals and adding the labels that belong. So cow has leather, beef, milk, yoghurt. Again I loved the conversation when they were deciding where to put some labels. I also loved hearing them work out where they went - some were surprised about leather and didn't like the fact my boots may have come from a cow - funny!!!!
So if you are doing farm animals - your kids will love this.


  1. I wish we were doing a farm unit! Our Year 1 teacher's study the farm so I will pass on this gorgeous pack info to them. I loved the matching animals, babies and names. The activity matching a cute animal picture with name then meat made me cute and yummy too!
    with thanks
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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