Mathematics Online Interview

I thought I would share with you the way in which teachers in State schools in Victoria can collect data on their students for Maths.
We have an Online Interview that contains sections on Number - Measurement - Space.

We can then drill down into the data and check that data in certain areas within topics.

So in Number - we can see -  Counting - Place Value - Addition and Subtraction - Multiplication and Division. This helps us to plan for point of need and cater for individual students for exactly what they need.
This covers assessment for/of and as learning.
In these photos I have removed the names of my students - but you can see the growth points across the top and this is what drives our teaching and learning.
The tool is aimed at P-4 - but is great for struggling students in 5/6 for finding out what they don't know.

So this spread sheet is what you can print out as a profile and it will help group your kids and tell you the next growth point they need to master. This is the one for counting and you can print out the others as well. In Prep we spend a lot of time looking and working at counting.

Place Value is a place where some of our students are working - this is best fit for them!
Where there is no line - the student was not able to answer questions. What I love about this tool is that it is adaptive and takes children to questions that are testing their ability and asks about what strategies they are using.

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