My new iPad mini

Last week all our teaching staff got a mini ipad! Even though I have my own iPad - I was still so very excited to get mine. We have about 33 teaching staff - so that is a big investment and a lovely way for our teachers to be recognised and supported for doing a great job.
I have been playing around with the set up - one screen for my notes, one for Maths, one for Reading, one for Writing and .........still playing
I just love the way I can photo stream, use icloud and have my important stuff .

Three of my go to apps are Numbers and Pages and my new favourite is Record of Reading.
Of course there is also my blogger, pinterest and TPT app - where would I be without those?

Apps for my students - anything from C Collins Big Cat, Eggy, Dr Suess, Hairy, ABC Mouse
Friends of Ten, Phonics Fun, Silly Sentences

Just loving it!


  1. Jealous! I have an iPad and I really don't want to be someone who wants more and more daughter has an iPad mini and its so cute and handbag sized and...I just would like one.
    Have fun
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. The teachers in my district each got a mini ipad too!! I am so excited! We also got Apple TV and I am so excited to start using them both with my students! Thanks for the sharing your favorite apps!

    1. I would love an Apple TV - you are so lucky. Let me know how it goes, as I am very interested in technology.
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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