Bears with hats

Happy Sunday everyone!  

 Last week we had a Teddy Bear Picnic, but because we are in a SunSmart school our teddies needed hats. 

We used paper and tape to make them. 
We discussed what was needed to make a great hat that would be SunSmart. 
We had so much fun making them. 

Then in typical Ballarat spring weather we had a day where our temperature didn't get above 8 degrees and it hailed. 

So we borrowed our buddies room, took our picnic and bears and had a great time inside. 

We then wrote about our picnic and got some amazing writing. 

As you can see we were a bit obsessed with the terrible weather.
These photos show a range of abilities and each group has a different page to write on - the borders show which group has what.
Some groups do write on the back and they have finished their sentences on the flip side. 

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