Daily 5 and Grade 5/6

Two of our Grade 5/6's have been working on introducing Daily 5 and Cafe. 
So my work on Thursday has been coaching the two teachers and the students to do this. 
Today was our fifth session and the teachers have been working on this between visits. 
Their anchor charts are evolving and will continue to do so. 

Today we talked about the impact of Cafe and how to assess and conference while the students are being independent. 

As a double grade they have got 'read to self' and 'read to someone'. They do this with a sense of urgency, community and trust. As teachers we need to work on 'staying out of the way'.

So have all four components working well. We only need to look at 'listening to reading'

We even walked through the Prep space I team teach in and looked at how preps are engaged in their tasks. 

It is an exciting time in our school. 

The anchor charts are available for free in my TPT store  - click here


  1. This looks great Paula. I have purchased Daily 5 and have it on my summer reading list. I'm planning to start this with my new grade 2's next year (I'm changing schools and grade levels, up from Prep- eek). Any advice you can give would be appreciated!

    1. They are easy reads. Read Daily 5 and introduce exactly as they do, then read Cafe. This is the rigour. Have great anchor charts and use them each and every day. Remember to stop them when it is not right. Enjoy and you will get great results.

  2. Can't wait until we,re all doing it


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