Halloween and being boo'd

I have just been boo'd

by Gary at Scrappy Guy and he wants to see as many people link up and he will have a sale according to the number who join the linky.

I have also emailed two people and asked them to link up too.

Happy Halloween

The whole point of this is to see how Halloween is celebrated around the world. 
Please go and read his post as it is about the changing times of this celebration.

In Australia we do not officially celebrate this, but increasingly we see merchandise for sale from early September. 
Some families have started to decorate their homes - on the inside!
Some families allow their children to go 'trick or treating' but it is not very common.
Our school had traditionally had a 'trivia night' late October and the venue is decorated in a 'spooky theme'

Personally though - I could get right into the jack-o-lanterns, spooky decorating and dress-ups! It looks like great fun. 

Like seriously - this looks like fun (from pinterest - see my boards)


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