CVC and Medial Sound Tasks for Learning Centers

I don't know about you - but some of my kids have needed to work on CVC words
They can never get enough revision and this enables them to get that and more. 

CVC words are the basis of all phonic work with words. Once students are able to record these words they then move onto blends and their story writing skills show confidence and greater accuracy.

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This now contains 82 pages

Each task has a cover page with instructions.

Jigsaw Task  – color copy and laminate. Cut along the lines and then students place them back together.

Interactive Notebook  – there are two tasks for each medial sound. Cut out and glue in your book, add the picture or text.

Roll and Read (10 pages) – two sets. One is print and go and the other can be color copied and laminated as a learning center.

Record words for the pictures – two formats.

Word finds  – find the CVC words.

Answer Key for pictures

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