Just a bit of craft....

Don't you just love this time of the year?
Craft, craft and more craft.
These would make a great display, but with only 5 days of school left, by the time the display is done - we would need to take it down. 
Our school year finishes next week. 
School starts again late January and we will have new grades.
I will not have the same year level next year, hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to share where I am going.

Tree Toppers
This task is for our Christmas Fair. 
Our kids make something and have a class stall and sell the items. 
It is such a gorgeous morning - and seeing people buy our work is lovely. 
This amazing star  - we decorated with colour and glitter. 
You can never have enough glitter at this time of the year!
(Sorry Helen - our hard working cleaner)

When they had finished decorating, we then taped the cone shape at the bottom - they are great  tree toppers.

Candy Canes
You need stamina - patience and marbles. I think I lost mine doing this task.
I forgot to cover the table and didn't remember the art smocks until more than half my kids had red paint on themselves.
We placed a candy cane in a box lid, had marbles covered in red paint, placed them in the box and then gently rolled the marbles (some were not so gentle) around the box and hey presto - candy canes. 
When they were dry, we cut them out and placed them on red card.

The face of the reindeer is a tracing of our kids feet.
The antlers are hands.
We glued goggle eyes and a sparkly pom pom for the nose.
Then we put a little glitter on the end of each antler.

What craft will be next?
Stay tuned......

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