Last Last Day

It is official - school for 2013 is over.
It is also official that I am moving from Prep to Year 5/6. I love the senior part of the school and have been away from it for 6 years. 

Today I ran a Professional Learning task for all our teachers and support staff. We looked at the 'management' of students as opposed to 'principled habits'. This underpins Daily 5, but is transferable to any subject or specialist area. 

Six groups - all looking at a principle each. They read part of 'daily 5' and became our expert group for: stamina, trusting students, sense of urgency, staying out of the way, sense of commmunity and providing choice. They discussed and answered the following points....
- what is it? Definition or key words
- what will see?
- how will we enable students to do this?
- how will the learning environment look?

Then one person from this group joined 5 others with different topics and they each had to share and answer questions. We want these along with our school values to drive everything we do across the whole school. 

I was so impressed with level of conversation, questions and reflections by all staff. Next year will be another exciting year.


  1. It will indeed...I can't quite believe it's over...

  2. Enjoy your first days of vacation! Happy Holidays, too!

  3. Summer and Christmas break have been a long time coming. Merry Christmas Susan


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