Who am I?

This week I will be attempting to link up with Blog Hoppin for a series of posts.
The first one in the series is........

So - even though you may know some of these things, here I go....

This is what is on for the week. I hope I can keep up!

My family - my husband, Tony is also in education. He is a Principal of a small rural school, he also blogs and has a TPT store. Our son Nic is in Uni and our daughter, Imogen is in her second last year of high school. They are so supportive and as a small family we are very isolated a our larger family live so far away. 

My work life is great. I teach Year 5/6 this year. Our team is fantastic and we work so well together. 

Traveling overseas is something I have discovered a love for in the last few years. We have been to Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji. 

Life is too short to put up with second rate - enjoy great food, wine and friends whenever you can!

I will not count my shoes or handbags - never.

A cold and wet rainy day = a day at home and I love it.

I am still trying to get that balance right.

I love watching TV when I am working on my computer. SVU Special Victims gets me every time.

If you had a look at my music collection - you would wonder what is going on. I love so many different styles. I am listening to May, Manfred Man, Lanie Lane, Julia Stone, Jimmy Barnes and Jack Johnson at the moment. 

Love a good joke - we should all laugh as often as possible. 


  1. My college room-mate and I used to get sucked into Law and Order SVU marathons all the time!

  2. I totally agree- we should laugh often and at every silly thing that happens. Some people just take everything too seriously! My dream overseas trip would be to Australia!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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