Amelia Earhart - 24th July

On July 24, 1897 Amelia Earhart was born, She become the 16th woman to have a flying license, but the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928.
She mysteriously disappeared in 1937.

This pack will provide you with facts about Amelia so that you can write an Informational Text or a Biography. 

Amelia Earhart
31 pages

This pack is about Amelia Earhart and it contains -
Three posters (one with information and two print and go versions) 
KWHL – what you know, want to know, how will you know it and new learning discovered
Fact cards for display and discussion – one blank card for adding your own facts on
Biography wheel
Word splash 
Make a flying outfit
Ask a question template (girl/boy templates)
Flap Book
Lined pages for biography
Write a biography – with side graphics

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