Design a Running Course

This pack fits in well with the Games. 
It is high interest and gets your kids outside measuring and designing a running track. 

Design a Running Course
22 pages

This pack is in metric.
To engage in the task of Designing a Running Course there will be lots of measuring out a course. You will need to brainstorm the ways to do this with your grade to make sure that the course is 1km

There are opportunities to - 
Discuss and model how to step out a metre, check with trundle wheels or measuring tape
You will measure length, time, weight and mass and use scale, ratio and a compass for direction
You will use class time wisely for stepping out the course and checking measurements
You will need to scale this course on one page and add a key

Tasks include - 
Explain the components of each task.
Explicit teaching components are…. 
Why do we use scale – ruler interactive 
notebook (INB) page
Length, time, mass, capacity INB page
Ratio INB pig, girl page
Scale in our world
House plan for scale
Capacity INB page
Mass or weight INB page
Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack. 

Themes – measure, running, sport, time, capacity, volume, length

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