Shark Week

I have a child this year who is obsessed with anything to do with the ocean and if it is shark related he is captivated. 

I put this together for him to use and keep him motivated to write and to be reading at the same time.
I can't wait to see how he works through this.

Shark Informational Pack
91 pages

This pack provides information about Sharks. This information will assist in the writing of your own Informational Text, guided by a rubric. 
KWHL - for Sharks. There are color, plus black/white versions and a one page version 
This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and will help when writing the Informational Text - This is what we know about… - This is what we want to know … - This is how we will find out what we want to know…… - This is our new learning about ….

Vocabulary - Color and black/white versions provided. Spare tags for extra words. Display these words and discuss what they mean
Facts - These cards can be used as discussion starters or display these facts about sharks and discuss what they mean. They can be used as starters for the Informational Text to help build the paragraphs
Posters- These posters are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Informational Text 

Print and Go - True or false glue sort, Label the shark, Fact recording sheet, Can - Have – Are, Fact sheets, Complete the fact sheets for each shark – a blank template is also provided
Reading – The posters are to be used to record the main ideas and the supporting information. The second task is to paraphrase the text
Writing – Use the posters provided in the poster section to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Informational Text. The rubrics are helpful in assessing the text. A planner is included for the Informational Text. Map to use. There are a variety of papers and planners provided.

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack. 

Themes - shark | sharks | ocean | sea | informational text |

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