Calming Strategies

109 pages 

 This Calming Strategies – Poster Set contains 30 posters in color and 30 black/white and in three sizes.  

The black and white version you can copy onto colored card for a third printing option. Students can color the black and white option and the smaller versions could be attached to a ring. 

 As the teacher decide which cards to use – I would suggest that you limit to five initially and see how they go and then if you need to introduce others on a needs basis. 

 Posters include – 
 breathe out, 
 blow off steam, 
 chew gum, 
 fidget toy, 
 go for a walk, 
 happy thoughts, 
 have a drink, 
 hula hoop, 
 jumping jacks, 
 listen to music, 
 paint a picture, 
 play a game, 
 playground visit, 
 push for energy, 
 read a book, 
 sand play, 
 self talk, 
 sit in a beanbag, 
 sit on a body ball, 
 take a message, 
 take exercise, 
 talk to my teacher, 
 time with the class pet, 
 try yoga use a stress ball, 
 use blocks 
and visit the library.

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