The Wizard of Oz - A Literacy Pack

109 pages 

 This Wizard Of Oz – Literacy Pack is an excellent way to explore language, have shared experiences and look at character, setting and plot development. 

 It contains the following tasks-
Word Wall – add to this as you move through the unit. It is great for early writers to check the spelling of words. 
  Vocabulary Cards– to sort into various categories or use as a word wall 
KWHL– record what you know, want to know, how you will find this out and new learning that takes places 
Word Splashes– record words or phrases about each character. Great for display to motivate writers to write 
  Comprehension tasks– Sequencing tasks, Labels, Cloze, Read and color, Beginning- Middle – End, Record Facts. Story Map, True or False, Text connections, Opinions 
Language Vocabulary tasks– has – is- can for each character, Word focus tasks 
Writing Tasks– If I were Dorothy, Recount Templates, Breaking News, Compare two Characters, Sequencing, Summary, Compare, Change the Ending, Add a Character, I see – I think - I wonder, Persuade others to Read it, Be a Designer, INB pages, DeBono’s Hats, Characters Traits, Conversations between Characters 
  Puppet Tasks– use as unstructured play or write scripts and perform a play. 
  A Little Reader– to share with your grade. You may make multiple ones to share.

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