Farm Fractions

Fractions – Making a Fraction Farm 

A PowerPoint
38 pages 

 At the end of this Fractions – Making a Fraction Farm your students will have produced a farm to use to guide them through fractions, decimals and percentages. 
Each step is clearly explained and supported by resources in the pack. 

 Included in this PowerPoint are 

- Curriculum Standards for Common Core and Aus Curric 
- A description of what Project Based Learning is - A Learning Intention – ‘I will show what I know about fractions’ 
- The Nine Steps 
 a) What do we know about fractions using manipulatives? Photo of examples provided. Fraction wall graphics included. 
b) A rubric for assessment to track progress and give feedback throughout the unit. 
c) Designing the farm for fraction work – determining scale and size of animal or crop fields. Examples provided to explore before students develop their own farm. 
 d) Discovering more about fractions through INB pages 
e) Accumulating more knowledge – develop your own posters about knowledge – examples provided. 
 f) Comparing fractions- decimals – percentages 
g) Presenting the work with guidelines 
h) Reflecting on my work through a written response 

 Extra resources 

– Fraction Walls, Fractions posters that include – vocabulary, equivalent fractions and the four operations 

 I use these steps for Project Based Learning in my teaching and learning space. 
1. Setting the stage for the learning that is about to happen and make a link back to a real life scenario 2. The teacher negotiates the criteria for evaluating the projects 
3. Students become project designers 
4. Students discuss information needed for their designs 
5. Students accumulate the materials necessary for the project 
6. Students create their projects 
7. Students prepare to present their projects 
8. Students present their projects 
9. Students reflect on the process and evaluate the projects based on the agreed criteria

Happy farming for fractions...

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