End of Day Questions - Reflections are so important

Being reflective for improvement is hard as adults and yet we expect our students to do this everyday. 

As the teacher, we need to show and model how this can be done. I am always seeking feedback from my students and they see me actively working on improving my knowledge and skills to better work with them. 

There are so many opportunities to share learning and why it worked and why it didn't. It is the learning that didn't work that we can learn the most from. 

We should not be afraid to ask - what didn't work, what went wrong, what didn't go according to plan...

This pack of 'end of day questions' will help you to start questioning the learning that takes place in your learning space, as well as the social interactions that happen throughout the day. 

I'd love to hear how you manage this all important part of learning. Leave me a comment below....

These End of Day Questions are a great way to reflect on the learning and experiences that your students have had during the day. 

• As your grade leave the learning space, they are a perfect reminder of what has happened during their day.

• Use the recording booklet during the term and watch the growth in reflection for each student. You decide how many pages to put in your booklet and you may do one for each term or for a topic you are working on. 

• The pack contains photos and instructions to set this pack up to work in your room.

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