Martin Luther King Jnr - revised pack

Martin Luther King Jnr has been recognised and celebrated on what would have been his birthday - 
January 15 every year.  

This pack will help to build a story and provide the facts that built his life. These facts will assist your students to write a biography. 

Martin Luther King - this pack is for Grade 2-4 and has 47 pages

This pack provides facts about Martin Luther King and opportunities to present these in new learning templates. Your students will gain an understanding of how difficult it was to fight for equality.

This pack contains;
Two posters, with three versions each
Class Word Wall – to record words to use in writing and explore further hen reading. Brainstorm words to add to the chart
Alphabet Key - record words or phrases
Acrostic Poem for Martin Luther King
INB  - KWHL with instructions
Fact recording sheet
Biography wheel
Word splash on clipboards
Ask a question template (girl/boy templates)
KWHL in grid form
32 facts for reading and discussion – a recording page and instructions 
Flap Book
I have a Dream – what is yours?
Describe this photo
Lined pages for biography
Write a biography – with side graphics

Our students need to know who has been instrumental in fighting for human rights around the world. 

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