Chinese New Year is almost here

The Chinese New Year is an important celebration for many people. 
It marks the beginning of the New Year Zodiac Calendar and this year is the Year of the Horse. 

Tomorrow I will be posting a freebie on my facebook fan page just for Chinese New Year. This will be a small snippet of the pack below. So make sure you come and visit tomorrow and spread the word!

I have prepared a unit of work aimed at Year 2/3/4. Last year - we had some our Foundation (Prep or K kids) managing work like this.

I have been playing around with Interactive Notebook pages and this pack includes four different types as well as some thinking tools. 

I just love the interactive notebook pages and can't wait to use them. I have made up some models  to show you how they might look- see the photos below. 

KWHL – record learning , Our Class Word Wall , A poster for Chinese Zodiac Animals, Interactive Journal pages, Fact sheets, Venn Diagram, Can-are/is-have/has, Graphic Organizers 

These packs are all about creating an understanding of a Chinese New Year - the traditions, the symbols and the zodiac. 

This Chinese New Year pack is huge! There are posters and pages for Interactive Note Pages. Explore the zodiacs and understand what the traditions are that surround the Chinese New Year. 

This pack includes
• An introductory page for each section complete with detailed instructions.
• Options to print for sheep or goat at the end of the pack. The Chinese refer to goats and sheep. In English, it is based on a horned animal. In Vietnam, it is goat. In Japan - sheep; in Korea and Mongolia the sign can be sheep or ram. 

Tasks include - 
• KWHL – what do you know, want to know and what is your new learning?
• Our Class Word Wall – add to this while you are learning about the Chinese New Year.
• Posters for Chinese Zodiac Animals – information on each one. 
• Interactive Journal pages – to discover new information and record what you know.
• Fact sheets on all the zodiac animals.
• Venn Diagram – compare our New Year to a Chinese New Year
• Can-are/is-have/has on traditions that are significant to Chinese New Year.
• Graphic Organizers to help record learning. 

This is great for younger students....

Chinese New Year
146 pages

This Chinese New Year pack supports you to graph the year that your grade were born into according to the Chinese Zodiac. Build a dragon and match the animals on the zodiac to their name and number.

Ram is used in some parts of the world as one of the zodiacs. There are options to print for sheep or goat at the end of the pack as some countries use these instead. 
The Chinese refer to goats and sheep. In English it is based on a horned animal. In Vietnam it is goat. In Japan - sheep; in Korea and Mongolia the sign can be sheep or ram. 

This pack contains -
• Printing options for full color, save your ink and some tasks have black/white versions.
• There are a series of posters to display. These provide information for discussion. 
• Matching task – match the ordinal, name and the picture of the animal from the zodiac.
• Graphing task – use a sample group across your school as your grade will be only two or four animals on the Chinese New Year Zodiac.

• Craft task - Make your own dragon, photos provided to show you what to do. 

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  1. Hi Paula. I'm working on a flipchart for Chinese New Year so I'm really excited to have this freebie! Thanks for sharing!


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