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I have no photos for this post. 

We have about eight more days of holidays left. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the other team coaches and our Principal to refine our first day back. On this day, we do not have kids. It is about preparing for our year ahead, fine tuning planning and getting our mid range goals in order 

People who believe teachers don't work in the holidays - well they just don't get it. Most of us willingly give up our time to be organised, it is actually an investment. There is a saying 'if you don't plan, you plan to fail' not sure who first said it. 

Can you imagine, if we did nothing over summer break! Kids and parents would walk into a space where cleaners had cleaned and furniture would be stacked in a corner. There would be no tasks ready, no classroom climate - well not a positive one. Kids and parents would make assumptions about our lack of organisation, dedication and management. 

I could not not go into school in our break. What sort of time do you spend getting organised? 

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