Wednesday WOW - Assessment gathering

I am sharing a mid week WOW. Also linking up with Curious Firsties.

We have just started our school year and many schools here take some time to gather up to date information (data) about our new group of kids. 

So today was Day 1 of whole school testing - one on one with a student and their teacher. Plus we get to meet the parents. 

In our State we have an English Online Interview that is mandated for our Preps (Foundation or first year of school) This gives us information about speaking and listening, retell, writing, rhyming, sound and letter identification. 

Then our P-2's do a Mathematics Online Interview 

This gives us real information about strategies for counting, place value, addition/subtraction and multiplication and division. 

For our 3-6's we have some children who do the previous Maths Assessment and some who do the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview

We also use the Burt Reading assessment and have a text that is level specific to hear each child read.
There are comprehension questions as well.
I am a little bit into organisation (maybe too much!) and need to have everything at my finger tips - so I am just loving my new trays - one for each assessment tool. Maths kit to the right, iPad to enter data online and my anecdotal book to record in. Plus files for each student within arms length. 

So in two more days - I will have seen everyone of my new students for 45 minutes and will be able to start at point of need and differentiate from day 1.

It is tiring - but so worth the investment of time as we know all our kids and what they know and where they need to go. 


  1. It's so interesting to hear how different schools run this assessment. My school gives preps everyone Wednesday off in February and I meet one-on-one with my students over those four days (but over four weeks).

    1. We have many schools near us that do that and others that do what we do. Have a great year

  2. I am really curious about the reading assessment. I will have to research that a bit. I'm looking for leveled passages for running records with ~10 comprehension questions. I want something quick to administer that I can use for progress monitoring. Haven't found what I want just yet, but perhaps this would fit the bill. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Have you got access to PROBE - it has a running record component and questions that indicate skill at inference, opinion and other things

  3. Oh Wow! I could see that it would be totally worth the time. We try really hard to do the same thing by pulling all our first graders together. 2 of us teach, 2 of us test. That way we can "hit the ground running" as quickly as possible.
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. This was a terrific post Paula, that I will share with our QLD teacher FB groups - great ideas for assessment and data monitoring :) Thank you Kylie

  5. This is so interesting! You must get to know your kids so well! I'm a bit jealous!

    Not very fancy


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