Freebie for Chinese New Year

Come over to my TPT store and grab a freebie for the Chinese New Year. 

It is part of a 72 page pack I have put together. 

These packs are all about creating an understanding of a Chinese New Year - the traditions, the symbols and the zodiac. 

This is part of a much larger pack for Chinese New Year



  1. Hi Paula!
    Thanks for this FREEBIE for the Chinese New Year! I look forward to using it with my 2nd graders!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Happy New Year.

  2. Is your Chinese NY freebie still available? I cant seen to access it or find the fan tab. Pls tell me where the tab is. Thanks
    PS: I love your work!

    1. It is still in my TpT store and the link to it in the above post still works.


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