Good mathematicians

Across our school we are all doing anchor charts. 

This is my Wednesday WOW

I am linking up with Curious Firsties.

We want a common language and an agreement on what learning behaviours look like, regardless of where you are in the school. 

 Our kids were placed in groups and they brainstormed - what do good mathematicians do?

Together we collated the responses and discussed the condensed version. 

There are many similar themes across all groups. 

We are meeting as a staff for 5-10 mins each afternoon and discussing where we are and which charts we have completed. 

There is nothing like a whole school focus. 

We have commited to do ------

Class or team agreements based on School Values
Read to Self
Read to Someone
What do good Mathematicians do?

After each poster is done they will be displayed and referred back to often.


  1. Replies
    1. It has been a great start to the year - our team have enjoyed checking in with each other

  2. Hi Paula. I love your anchor charts and your open-ended math activity. I also think it's great that everyone in your school is using the same language as far as Read to Self,... Even though it's half way through the school year here, your posts give me new ideas to try right now.

    1. We have had a great start. I am pleased it has given you some ideas to try out

  3. Wow! I love the collaboration on this! We meet as vertical teams (last year it was every day) and we really got a lot out of it! Thanks for linking up! I am so happy to read this post.

    1. We have a goal to be collaborative - I think we are on our way

  4. This is great! A whole school working together. Love the idea.

    1. We have 23 classes and it is a huge effort - but well worth it


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