Winter Games - are you hooked?

I have been fascinated by the Winter Games. The 'skeleton' has me breathless. 
These athletes (all athletes at the games) are amazing. 
The dedication, training, purpose and drive are inspirational.

I wanted my kids to have an understanding of how difficult their schedules are and have a small understanding of the elite athletes that they are. 

So I have put together this pack for Grades 3-6. They could be used for younger grades too!

Tasks include following
Winter Games -what are they
Host country details
A-Z Key Winter Games
Fact sheets on sports
My favorite athlete
The sport I would like to have a go at is 
Athlete Menu
Training Schedule
Travel Itinerary
PMI for Sports
Letter Writing
Postcard Writing and design 
Interactive Notebook to write an article
Write your own recount
Sentence Starters
DeBono Hat Thinking 



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