Open ended problem solving

As we get to know our new group this week - we are focusing on taking anecdotal notes. 
To assist us to do this, each member of our team has devised an open ended task.

I am in a team teaching arrangement with Fiona (how lucky am I?). So this task is the one I devised. We will do Fiona's next. Then we will do the other four tasks next week from the other four teachers. 

I have used a catalogue from a local store and we paired our kids up. They were also responsible for correcting each others work and giving feedback.

Question 1 was reading prices
Question 2 was spending $50 and who could get closest to that amount
Question 3 - if you have 23 children in your class and you needed to buy certain items (6 in the list) how much would it cost?
Question 4 - if you were setting up a new study and had an unlimited budget - what would you buy and how much would it cost?

They were motivated and worked really hard.

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