Measure Up K-1

When I put together a product - there is a part of me that goes with it when I post it to my digital shops. 

They are like babies - nurtured, loved and they grow when others purchase them and use them.

I love the designing part, the searching of Curriculum, organising tasks and getting it right. The link between product and assessment is really important to me. 


This is USA CCSS and Aus Curric Aligned - 25 pages

At the end of the pack are four assessment pages to track your students.
How can we use items to measure objects? B/W and color poster to add to
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – smaller/bigger
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – shorter/taller
Which foot is longer? – long/longer
Measuring my Teddy with blocks
Measuring my Teddy with paper clips
Sort order of height
Who is taller? – me or a buddy
Choose an object to measure – choose correct tool
Measuring objects with paper clips
Measuring objects with blocks
Choose objects to measure paper clips/blocks/bears
Measure distance with feet
 4 Pages for Assessment

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