A busy week...

I have put the finishing touches on these packs and they have been posted. 
To check any of them out click on the image and it will it take you straight to each one. 

 This weekend is Easter and these two packs compliment each other as well as a pack I did last year.
Hopping into Easter which is a Math and Writing pack.

On the 22nd April is Earth Day and this contains lots of ideas for you to use to help our kids to think about the impact we make on our planet. It gives ideas to help manage our footprint too!

These two were fun to put together and will assist in writing Information Reports. 
I just love the wonderful graphic artists out there - they are all amazing and buying great clip art has become an addiction of mine lately.

This was a request by a buyer and it is a great way to investigate a Fairy Tale and why Goldilocks should say sorry.

These two are a culmination of tasks I have done over the last 29 years and I know they work in helping children learn letters and sounds. 
There will be more to come - but please be patient. 
'Tt' will be next......
When the first six are done - they will also be posted as a bundle. 

I will be putting away my computer for a period of time to enjoy what is left of our term break.
Happy Easter everyone and be safe over the holiday period. 

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