Easter - Hopping into Numbers

Love this pack! It has been a labor of love. 

My Easter - Hopping Into Numbers pack is great for K-1 or Grade 2s that need to do some revision. 

There are 12 tasks (116 pages) to get your grade motivated to use numbers in many ways. This product is aligned to USA CCSS and the Australian Curriculum.

There are....
Ten Frames - use as flash cards, trust the count and discuss strategies used to know that 7 is 4 and 3 as well as 5 and 2

Pattern Eggs - Use the eggs to make patterns and encourage extended and difficult patterns beyond using two colors
Roll and Cover - Depending on which task you have you will need to roll and cover, +1, +2 or double and cover with a counter
Missing Numbers - Choose a board fill in the missing numbers with the dry erase markers. Boards for 10, 20, 50, 120
Sorting Even and Odd Numbers - Take one egg card at a time, place under the correct chicken and check with a buddy
Ordinals - Order the rabbits and match the words ‘first’ to ‘twentieth’ to the correct rabbits
Easter Equations – print and go for addition and subtraction
Missing Egg - Put the missing egg in between the bunnies
Carrots for Bunnies - Match the correct rabbit to the number of carrots 
Days and Months - Sequence cards and read them, they can be used as flash cards. Sort into days or months
What time will the bunny come? - Sequence the clocks in color sets and match the cards to show digital time
Skip Counting – Read the Room, use the answer sheet to record the missing answers and record the answer next to the correct letter

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Hop into Easter is Math and Writing and is very different to the one above.


  1. This is a great pack Paula - wish I was doing early years!!

    1. Thanks Alex - I have been thinking I should do a pack for older kids, but not sure where to start.


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