Frogs and Ladybugs

These are now available in my TPT store

My Frog packet has 55 pages and is USA CCSS and Aus Curriculum aligned

Flap Book
This will be a record of learning as you move through the information about frogs. Put the book together first– instructions are included. Complete the first page before you start the unit. As you progress through the unit complete the pages in order. The students may go back and add information as they learn new things.

Print and go! These posters will enable your students to have access to facts and diagrams. They will assist in correct spelling when displayed. There are two sets – the second set has detailed information. The third set has the life cycle.

A Reader
Print and go! This will give you two books – copy and staple together and then cut in half. Re read and place in your class library.

Jigsaw task
Print and laminate for long term use. These jigsaws (break up cards) will assist in matching words to pictures to a statement.

Print and Go
Pond Life
What do frogs eat?
Label parts of a frog
Frogs can/have/ are
Tadpoles can/have/are
Egg spawn can/is/are
Venn Diagram – frog/tadpole
How do frogs move?

Information Report
The following pages will assist in writing a report.
 Spinner - Color copy and laminate. Add a split pin to attach the arrow. Spin the arrow. When it stops – the student must orally give some facts about that part of the frog cycle.
What I know about frogs
Frog planner – with and without lines
Information Report Planner

My Ladybug pack is also 77 pages and is USA CCSS and Aus Curriculum aligned 

It contains a Learning Journal, Posters, a Reader, Jigsaw task and Information Report planners


 Print and Go
Interactive Note page
Leaf Life
What do Ladybugs eat?
Label parts of a ladybug
Ladybugs can/have/ are
Larvae can/have/are
Eggs can/is/are
Venn Diagram – ladybug/larvae
Research and answer
Order the cycle

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