Let's talk turkey...and a freebie

This post has some math, some writing, some word work and a freebie

Talking Turkey Math has 111 pages!

Updated to include less color printing (2017)

Roll and cover - Use a 6 sided dice - roll and cover. There are three  sets that ask you to +1 +2 and double the number rolled

Pilgrim Patterns -  There are four pattern strips to copy using the smaller cards. The smaller cards can be used to make your own patterns for a buddy to copy

Ten Frames - there are two sets
Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitise. Use to make and record number stories 5+4=9 3+2=5 Match the turkey to the feathers - Sequence the turkeys and then add the correct number of feathers

Turkey Time - One set is o’clock, one set is half pasts. Spread them out and match the correct labels. Missing Numbers 0-21 - Color copy and laminate all the cards. The single turkey cards can be used to sequence from 1-20. The single cards are also used to place the missing number on the correct card

Talking Turkey Skip Counting - Display the A-T cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer. Use the answer key to check

Problem Solving - Display the problems. Use the record sheet to show your working out and answers

This shows a selection if the tasks in the pack - click on the images to see more detail. 

 32 pages
Word Wall – Use a fine liner permanent marker to add words. After the work has been done – clean off with whiteboard cleaner
KWHL – List what you know, want to know, how you will find it and then track your new learning
List the food you will eat
Concept maps – pilgrims, Native American, turkey, ship
I am thankful for……
How to catch a turkey – be creative
Reasons why you shouldn't eat me – persuasive
Dear Farmer….a letter
Describe - Can, have, are
Describe - Did, have, were
Describe a Pilgrim's life and the Wampanoag's life
Describe the outfits
Roll and write
Label parts of a turkey
Make your own turkey

Words for Word Wall -  Brainstorm, display and refer to when writing and reading
Match Initial Sounds
CVC’s,  Use the turkeys to make as many words as you can, write them down on the record sheet and keep a score
Boggle ‘Thanksgiving’ words – how many words can you make?
Roll and Read - These Dolch words (Pre and Primer Words) are the most common used words and once your students know them instantly their reading fluency will improve. Choose best fit words for each of your students. Get them to work with a partner and take it in turns to roll a six sided dice and mark off the words with a dry erase marker
Word Families - Use the feathers and the turkeys to make three letter words. Use the recording sheet to write down the real and nonsense words

Now here is the freebie

Happy Thanksgiving!

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