Melbourne Cup and other horse races

Every year on the first Tuesday in November in Australia we have a horse race that stops a nation - or so they say! At about 3:00pm you will see empty shops, no cars on the road - because everyone is attached to a TV or radio to listen to the winner for this year. 

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This has been going on for 152 years and this year is number 154!

There are massive bets on this race and many sweeps across the nation, including in classrooms and staffrooms. 

Fashions on the field are delicious and there are fashion shows and the stakes are high. 

Here is something to help you celebrate in your classroom - the pack relates to any horse race really. 

Click on the images for more details.

Have a bit of fun!

Horse words – to use in writing and word work
Concept Map – to describe a horse
How to ride a horse
How to train a horse
Can – are – have 
A jockey’s silk
My horse’s information 
BOGGLE – Melbourne Cup
Label parts of the horse
Melbourne Cup game – for three players. See who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd - plus a colored version

And with a little tweaking it is also Derby Day

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