Liberty's birthday

On the 28th of October, the USA will celebrate the birthday of this iconic lady. 

I have put together a pack about the Statue of Liberty which will support the writing of an Information Text for K-1.

It has 32 pages that include detailed instructions for each section. There is a photo preview at the end of this post. 

Task One is a KWHL on the Statue of Liberty. This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and help when writing the Information Text
This is what we know about…
This is what we want to know …
This is how we will find out what we want to know……
This is our new learning about ….

Task Two Fact Cards - These cards can be used as
-          Discussion starters
-          Display these facts about the Statue of Liberty discuss what they mean
-          Use as starters for the Information Text to help build the paragraphs

Task Three - Photos - These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Information Text

Task Four - Writing Planner - There is a rubric to discuss with the students before you start. 
The planner will help to record key words. 
There are two writing sheets to choose from. There is an image to attach to the finished piece for display.

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