Mary, Mary Quite Contrary


This is the first in a series of Nursery Rhymes that will strengthen your student’s knowledge about rhyme and rhythm through reading and writing.

Task One  is a KWHL - As a grade list the things you know about Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, want to know about Mary Quite Contrary, How will we find this out? and our new Learning about Mary Quite Contrary.

Task Two are Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Task Three are Text formats – Poster for display, Booklet to copy and staple. Then cut in half and it produces two books. Add illustrations as you read.

Task Four are Cards to sort in order and use for read the room.

Task Five is about Writing - Beginning, middle and end with Interactive. Note pages and side graphics to add to your stories

Prompts include - If I were Mary I would….My favourite flower is…I love gardening, Journal page and a cover for the whole grade to make a book for shared reading.

Task Six is a Read the Room task - Copy the recording sheet and display the cards around the room to find. Find each card, the title has already been done for you. Write down what the card says for 1, 2 and 3 in the correct space. This will give you the whole Nursery Rhyme. Make sure the capitals and punctuation are in the right spot. This will help when you read it back.

Task Seven are Puzzles - Match the puzzle pieces and then put them in the correct order.


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