Classroom Decor Mega Bundle - Blue and Green Theme

 Our new colors for this year are blue and green - they are calming and we love coming into our learning space.

As teachers we buy so many things out of our own money - we do this because when school is in we spend more time here then with our own families. 

Our End of Day Questions are a great way to finish the day. 
Our goal folders are manila folders cut in half. We have added labels and washi tape 
(love WASHI TAPE...that's another whole blog post!)

These Calendar Cards are part of our bundle below. 
Our folders are all blue and green and we have personalized them with labels and tabs. 

Our agreed way of doing Daily 5 adds to our theme in these colors. 
These posters make it clear what is expected from students and from me - our roles are clearly defined together at the start of the year. 

Our Cafe and Daily 5 strategies are displayed near the conference table for easy reference.  

Our back wall is our brag wall of all the great things we do together. 

These blue and green boxes were on sale 4 for $4.00 - a bargain!

These larger ones were only 4 for $6.00

This bundle has added more blue and green items to our classroom that are learning focused.

We have pulled together our resources to help you build a calming space with a blue and green themed classroom. This bundle has 970+ pages and has everything you need to set up your classroom.

Links to each pack are at the end of this post.

This pack is part of a large bundle of 970+ pages
Classroom Decor Pack Blue and Green Theme

This pack is part of a large bundle of 970+ pages 

These are the links to the packs contained in our bundle 

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