Elmer - writing and craft activties

Elmer Writing and Craft Activities
16 pages

Elmer is a much loved elephant and the series of books of read over and over again. These writing tasks and craft activity will support increasing vocabulary and writing skills. 

Tasks include - 
• Alphabet Key – write down words or phrases to describe Elmer or the books you read
• Record words to describe Elmer – inside or outside traits
• Label parts of an elephant
• Create a summary – read a book and complete the task
• Recount of the story – choose a text to recount 
• Plus, minus and interesting facts – for any book
• Concept map – can be used to describe characters or texts
• Three facts, two opinions and one question you have about Elmer
• I see, I think, I wonder statements about Elmer
• Elmer can, is, has
• Elmer Fact Chart
• Make a paper weave Elmer 

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