Summer Math

Summer Maths 127 pages 

 Enjoy these ten summer themed math tasks. They are great for checking number sense, consolidating simple addition and subtraction and telling the time. 

Ten Frames 
Color copy and laminate all the cards. 
Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitize. 
Use to make and record number stories 8 = 4+4 and 8 = 6+2 

Buckets of Sand
Sequence the sand castles in order of numerals. 
Then put the number of buckets with the correct collection. 

Friends of 10 
Color copy the cards and laminate. 
Match up the cards to make stories of ten. 
Use the recording sheet to show friends of ten facts and number stories. 

Who has rescued more swimmers? 
Set one –0-20 
Set Two –0-100. 
Color copy, laminate and cut. 
Place the chair in the correct place and pointing the correct way. 

Missing drink 
Color copy and laminate the cards. 
Place the missing drink in the correct spot. 

Skip Counting 
Color copy and laminate cards A-Z. 
 Display the A-Z cards around the room. 
Use the recording sheet to write your answer. 

Roll and cover 
Use a 6 sided dice - roll and cover. 
There are three additional sets that ask you to +1, +2 and double the number rolled. 

Sequence the children 
Color copy and laminate. 
 Each set of children has a different background to keep the sets together. 

How many hot dogs in the picnic basket? 
Work out how many hot dogs in the basket? 
 Color copy and laminate, then display around the room. 

Read the equations and use the hot dogs like a number line. 
Record your answer on the answer sheet 

Time for the beach and a BBQ 
Color copy and laminate. 
One set is o’clock. 
One set is half past. 
 Spread them out and match the correct labels.

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