Six Traits Writing Goals

After working on this for what seems like forever - like all last year!
I'm finally ready to share.

Each child had a folder with too many goals and it become hard to manage for me, but my kids as well.

I am such a fan of Six Traits plus 1 and the impact that it has on writing is clear. 
To focus on a part of writing and give a chid or group the instruction they need is supported by the 7 areas that need to be explicitly taught. 

You can see how each student works, improves and where to go next. 

But I needed to streamline what I was trying to do.

So - here is what I have worked on to improve the process for my students and I while still be very focused on what needs to happen. 

My Writing Conferencing folder - I have all my goals in here ready to go.

I have checklists for each section and an assessment page for each child. 

There are tags for each component that are attached to work and this way I can track goals and assist in setting new ones. 

This pack will support you to have simple goals of brainstorming writing ideas to more complex goals of using figurative language.

By attaching the tags this is a visual reminder. You can go back and check what you need to work on. 

Happy goal setting


  1. I can tell how much work you put into this six traits product! Do all the students receive the Six Traits workbook/journal? The first year we did this was better because of the journal, but then the kids never got one so Six Traits faded into the sunset ~ I'm glad that you're such a fan of it, and that it works well for your students. Do all the teachers use this program for writing?

  2. Not everyone does it at our school. We are currently revising how we teach writing and some are looking into VCOP. Teaching is hectic.


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