A focus on writing

Oh my!
A before and an after photo.
I have been concerned about the writing my children were not doing in Daily 5 and 'Work on Writing'.
I reflected on what they saw as prompts and wanted to push them to do better and be motivated with increased stamina.
So I removed some stuff - re arranged some stuff to create a better space.
So I put the story wheel up on the wall - they can spin the wheel and write about a character - setting - plot. They love it, today we wrote about a zebra, in a backyard that wanted to play with you.
There is a new chart on what to do as part of the writing process. This will be in my TPT store on the weekend so follow me and you will know when it is there.
There are also prompts for writing genres and we had a great discussion about what types of writing we could do.
Graphics Melonheadz and Scrappin Doodles
I have had so many requests for my English Planner that incorporates Daily 5 - so I will put that up in my TPT store on the weekend.
Thanks to all my followers who are also pinning my stuff - I really do appreciate your support.
Tomorrow I have four staff visiting from another school in our region to see how Daily 5 looks in my room.
I used to work with this group as a regional based coach and I am nervous about them seeing me in my new 'habitat'.
Stay tuned for how it went.

Have a great week

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