What do we know?

This is a set of photos from way back - but I wanted to post them to show how we start our team planning.

We get our students to record what they know about our new topic/theme.
There is no point teaching what they already know - right?
For this topic we use a matrix/table to record what we know about animals and plants and what we would like to know about animals and plants. This is part of a KWHL - but only the first two components.
As you look through the pictures, you will see that some students know more than others - this clues us in to who we need to differentiate for or who our experts might be. After the task is done - we talk to students - like a mini conference to get more information and add that to their page, you will be able to see where the teachers have added comments. This allows us to really plan for point of need.
It cuts down on wasted teaching and learning time and we tailor topics to our students and always align back to our curriculum.

We are about to do this again for our next topic.


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