Now that's a cake and a visit today

One of our students is celebrating her birthday and how amazing is this cake her Mum made?
It was also super delicious and we all just loved it!
I have survived my busy start to the week. My meetings are behind me and I can now start to think about planning for next week.
Today I had five teachers visit from another primary school to see our prep space and how we manage 'daily 5'
Three of these teachers I have known for a long time and I used to coach them, so today was a turn a round and they were here to pick my brains and see what I do. It was nice to see them, talk about what they are doing and talk about what they want to do. They had great questions and I hope we were able to answer them as 'daily 5' is really the way to go.
We also talked data walls, tracking, planning, ICT and making sure parents were on board.
I spoke briefly about iSURF(c) which is an approach to Maths and our new Australian Curriculum. Yet another subject I am passionate about! Check out the other blog I co-own as there are great links to maths units that can be used by everyone. Click here for iSURF(c)

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  1. I tried to make that giant cupcake once...needless to say it was a disaster and seeing it posted so perfectly here on your blog has bought the memory flooding back. Honestly I think it took the equivalent to about 4 regular cake batters to fill the thing. Then it had the hide to stick and crumble became a massive trifle in the end. LOL
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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