Another freebie

I had put together these posters for a grade I was doing a modelled lesson for in the last few weeks of last term.
I had photos of them in a previous blog post and then I got an email asking if I could make them available for others to use.
So here is another freebie for you.

Remember  that you should never be paying for anything related to Daily 5 or Café. The two sisters who own the rights to the programs are happy if we share work for free - but under no circumstances should anyone be making money off this material.
or click the picture of the cover on the side
Daily 5 Posters – Paula’s Place
Contains 9 pages
This pack is a freebie! Remember all Daily 5 and Café products should be free.
It contains posters for Daily for Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Work On words and Listen to Reading.

The posters that we are compiling together as anchor charts are not completed yet. We are only into our second lesson.

Copy in color and enlarge to A3

For the next seven days watch out for my Random Acts of Kindness coming your way....


  1. Happy blogaversary Paula! Hoping RAK come your way too.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. love it! I've just bought the CAFE book and I am going to trial Daily 5 with my class next term (term 4)

  3. Thank you Paul! I just posted this on my little FB page hehe... Awesome freebie and Happy birthday! xx

    Sea of Knowledge


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