Johnny Appleseed freebie and unit

I have been so very fortunate to have so many USA bloggers visit my blog and digital stores.
So I have prepared this unit to help you celebrate the work done by Johnny Appleseed.
There is a freebie for you in google docs that contain a few of my tasks and then the extended version is in my stores.

Click here for google doc version.
The extended version contains 81 pages of English and Math work.
It highlights the history and background of Johnny Appleseed in American History.
History – 3 pages outlining the facts and some opinions about Johnny Appleseed's life
Describe Johnny Appleseed – 1 page
Parts of an apple- 1page for labelling
Describe an apple – 1 page, use descriptive words
Compare and Contrast – 3 pages apples with other fruits
What else grows from seeds? – 1 page
How to make Applesauce – 1 page, list ingredients and how to make it
What does an Apple Blossom do? 2 pages
Johnny Appleseed retell – 4 pages, use what you know to complete a retell
Apple pie makes me feel – 1 page
List of words Aa – 1 page
Boggle – Johnny Appleseed –1 page
What do we use apples for? 1 page
Ten Frame Apples – 6 pages
How many seeds? – 1 page, count and label
Roll and Color – 2 pages
Match Apples to numeral and word – 9 pages
Patterns – 19 pages
What number is missing? – 15 pages
Graph your grade – 1 pages

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