Alphabet Puzzles

All good teaching comes from knowing your kids - gathering information, assessments, data - it all mean the same thing really. 

We should never embark on a teaching sequence without knowing what each student needs to learn. 

This sound/letter assessment is one way of getting to know which sounds/letters your students need to know. 

You will notice that the letters are out of sequence. This is deliberate so that they don't just 'sing' it, they need to know each one. 

I have a column for capitals and lower case. 
Under each one is space to highlight or tick if they know the sound, the letter and a word that begins with that sound/letter. 

I use different styles of letters as this is what our readers will see when they read any print in their world. 

I use a different highlighter for each month and that way I can track new learning and see where they have come from. 

This then tells me which sounds/letters to focus on in teaching groups. 

This next task is about matching words to pictures but with a focus on initial sound. So kids who know the initial sounds can progress to looking across the word - that was there is dfiffferentiation. 

Cut out the interactive flaps and then add the words underneath. 

Color at the end!

This is another way to consolidate initial sounds and is hands on. 
The jigsaw can be used again and again when you laminate them. 

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