Epic app - no pun intended

This app is free - yes free!
I just wanted to share this as I can see so many uses in my classroom. 

Kids can all log in and use them for Guided Reading or Reciprocal Reading, shared texts and independent reading too. 

There are so many books on it and the quality of them is high, the text is meaningful, kids love them and it is easy to navigate. 
So I registered and found I can register my grade and track what they read 

The guest icon allows me to see all the books I wanted to see. 

You can narrow your list or choose all categories.

The welcome page is clear and again easy to navigate.

I then selected a book and the Shark book caught my eye. 
Some books have a button to click so that it is read to you. 

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  1. Hi Paula. I too recently came upon Epic and I love it too. I've used it in my year 2 class (Qld) on the IWB and want to start putting it up on the classroom computers for read to self/partner. It's so good especially the books which are audibly read (the voice is quite slow though). Can't believe it's free for teachers too!


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