Community is so important

Without community we are nothing...
Our kids need to be nurtured and taken care of.
In our world we worry about things we never thought of when we where their age.
So let's celebrate the great things that people do in our community.

Contents for – MY TOWN

This pack contains 20 writing tasks and an 8 page reader about your town. Motivate your students to think about what your town has, what makes it special, unique and a great place to be. (50 pages)

This is what is included -
Word Wall
Make a list of what is in your town
Interactive Note pages for each building in your 
town – Fire Station, Doctors, Movie theatre, Restaurant, Hospital, 
Police Station, Post Office, Law Court, Garage, Ambulance, 
Library, Supermarket, Mall, Church plus a blank page to create your own
List and draw road signs and the functions they have
Adjectives and verbs for the park
Venn Diagram for City and Country
Transport in my town – draw and describe
Research street names
My town is best because…..
A day in my town
Choose one part of your town and list three main facts
 Interactive Notebook Page for my Favorite/Favourite Place in my town
DeBono’s Hats – My town
 Jigsaw pieces for places in our town – a reading task. 
Two sets one in b/w for use as an Interactive Notebook and the 
second for use as a Learning Center
 Goods and Services – brainstorm list
Customers – why do they come?
Draw a map of your town
Changes I have seen – draw before and after and then use as a writing prompt
My town is unique because
Plus a reader in black and white (8 pages) photocopy and then staple, then cut in half to make two books. 

Occupations included in this pack are – Crossing Guard, Baker, Dentist, Doctor, Fireman, Farmer, Garbage Collector, Hair Stylist, Life Guard, Mailman, Nurse, Police, Reporter, Soldier, Teacher and Vet

Word Wall – use this to record words for the topic. Children can then use them in their writing

Memory Game or Snap
(4 sets) color copy each page and laminate.
Each color is a set and play with a partner. Deal out all the cards between the two players.
Snap - Take it in turns to flip one over at a time.
If the same picture is seen in row, whoever snaps it with the correct occupation name wins.
They take all the cards and the winner is the one who ends up with the most cards
Memory – Place all cards (from one set) face down. Take it in turns to ti=urn two over. If you get a pair you keep them. The winner is the one who has the most pairs at the end.

Set one – two pieces per set, match the person to the occupation name
Set Two - four pieces per set. Match the person, occupation and two descriptions

Thinking Tools
Alphabet Key, record names of occupations and add to over time
Question Matrix – Who, what, where, when, why and how…… one page for each occupation
Venn Diagrams – compare the similarities and differences of occupations
Spider Map – Use the pictures (color or b/w) in the middle and then record facts around the outside
PMI – use pictures and record – plus, minus and interesting facts/ideas for each occupation
DeBono’s Hats – record red, black, yellow, white, green, blue and white ideas  for occupations

Choose an occupation and write about why you would like to do this job
If I were a --- for a day I would ----

Interactive Notebook Pages
Four piece – record who they are and what they do: color and b/w
Two rectangles – record what they do and some facts
Four strips – chose an occupation and define it, list positives and negatives what you do every day. 
This is a template and can be used for any occupation
       Four Triangles. Color the picture first, cut out the tabs (cutting across the person). There is a color copy provided. Glue tabs in your book and then record under each tab your responses to - Where do they work? Describe their workplace and clothes. What do they need to do their job? What do they do? There is one for each occupation as well as spare template for other occupations

Writing Curriculum  links for USA CCSS and Aus Curriculum

Celebrate community in a positive way.

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