Johnny Appleseed Day

Johnny Appleseed's birthday is celebrated on the 26th of this month.

Johnny Appleseed was a famous American figure who is best known for his planting of apple trees throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. 

He was a prominent conservationist, business man, and religious figure, and well known and liked for his kindness and generosity. 

Johnny Appleseed Day commemorates his birth, September 26, 1774.

My pack has 81 pages

This pack will assist in highlighting the importance of Johnny Appleseed in American History. It covers the following...

Describe Johnny Appleseed
Parts of an apple
Describe an apple
Compare and Contrast
What else grows from seeds?
How to make Applesauce
What does an Apple Blossom do?
Johnny Appleseed retell
Apple pie makes me feel
List of words Aa
Boggle – Johnny Appleseed
What do we use apples for?
Ten Frame Apples
How many seeds?
Roll and Color
Match Apples to numeral and word
What number is missing?
Graph your grade and which apples they like

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