My new look store

Jillian Starr from Starr Spangled Banner has the best product available in her TPT store to help make our stores look amazing. 

Jillian Starr  Custom GIF for your TpT Store

My new look blog and my TpT store now match beautifully.

I had added a new gif myself and it was okay - bit fuzzy and the background wasn't quite right.
So when I saw this product I jumped at it.
The TpT world is one of helping and supporting others to do well. 

The place near the pink arrow moves like a slide show - I am thrilled with Jillian's work and advice. 

I have also started making all my covers into square covers - this will be a slow process...

I love the designing part of this work - choosing colors, clipart and deciding what works. 
I also need to revise some old packs - like Me and My Family/Telling Time.

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